Is Kate Middleton Pregnant with a Little Girl?


This is obviously complete speculation at this point, but reports coming out of London say that Kate Middleton may be pregnant with a little baby girl! While doing her royal duties at an appearance in Grimsby, England, Middleton accepted a teddy bear from a fan saying, “Thank you, I will take that for my d…,” quickly trailing off. Clearly, the “d” insinuations that the Duchess of Cambridge was about to say daughter but quickly caught herself before going any further.

Should Middleton give birth to a little girl, the Queen of England has already decided that the child will be called Princess. This is important for two reasons—cementing the Queen's opinion on gender equality and officially placing the first child in line for the throne should it be a girl. Additionally if the first child from the Duke and Duchess is a little girl, we're in for an overwhelming amount of fashion moments as the royal family grows!