Is Kathy Griffin Gunning for Fashion Police?


When Melissa Rivers brought 1.1 million record viewers to E! for a September 19 tribute to her late mother, she gave the network her blessing to continue Fashion Police’s legacy without its main attraction. As it stands, the comedy spot will return for the Golden Globes on January 12, and Kathy Griffin could be settling in Joan Rivers’ seat.

The Hollywood Reporterannounced that E! has a shortlist of both male and female comedians to helm the show, but Griffin, a fan and friend of Rivers, is in the lead. Griffin memorably deemed Rivers a “legend, a friend, a mentor, an icon, and wildly funny. One of a kind,” after her September 4 death, and continues to laud Rivers for combating norms of a male-dominated industry, and remaining tenacious through the end.

“She talked about how ‘There’s nothing they can do to me anymore. I’ve already been fired. I’ve already been insulted,’” Griffin shared on Today one day after Rivers’ passing. “… You can’t fire her because she was always going to go back to standup. She just had such a burning desire to hit the mic. And she would do QVC and her shows, but that live experience she did up until her last night, before a coma.”

E! has kept quiet on the report, but expect to see a new funny girl—or guy—on Fashion Police early next year. If it Griffin, we’re sure Rivers would be pleased.