Is Michelle Williams Heading Back to Broadway?



We know her acting namesake will take on Sally Bowles this month in the revival of Cabaret, but songstress Michelle Williams might also be headed back to the Great White Way.

The star hinted at a comeback during a conversation Glam had with Williams about her new partnership with Playtex’s Play On campaign. “I would love to go back to Broadway!” she exclaimed. “You might be able to print something really, really soon, fingers crossed.”

Williams noted that she felt at home on the stage after being bit by the Broadway bug when she attended the Tonys a few years ago. “I remember going to the Tony Awards a few years ago, and some places you just know where you belong,” she said. “Sometimes you’ve just got to know your place, and theater is the place for me.”

While she waits in the wings for her next big role, Williams is steadily at work putting the finishing touches on her new urban inspirational album, Journey to Freedom, with producer Harmony Samuels. “I think sometimes when you find a producer that can bring out the best in you, I would say stick with them,” she explained. “I miss the days of Janet Jackson. She only had Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis; they created something. I [thought] ‘Man, how can we get back to that?’ Sorry to all of the producers that wanted a slot on the record, but sometimes you find what you find and stick with it.”

The record’s first two singles “Fire” and “If We Had Your Eyes” have already been well received, thanks to Williams stepping outside of her comfort zone. “This time I took a risk, even as far as maybe singing songs or styles that I would normally [think] ‘That’s not me,’” she said. “But I got to a place where I was too conservative, acting too old for my age in a way. Have fun in the studio; I mean, they can always press the delete button if it doesn’t sound right. No one has to hear it. I had fun.”