Is Miley Cyrus Bringing Bleached Brows Back?


Well, there goes the bold brow trend! Miley Cyrus is another star bucking beauty trends as she bleached her brows.

If you scrolled through your Instagram feed early Wednesday morning, the “Wrecking Ball” songstress was spotted hanging out – like her tongue, but we digress — with Miranda Kerr, Lily Allen, and Mert Alas sans brows.

We highly doubt that she would go through the painful process just to match her cropped coif, especially with Alas in the mix. There were a rash of campaigns circa 2011 that featured the eye-catching look, starting on the runway where makeup maven Pat McGrath noted the emerging trend was a way to add extra edge.

So are Mert and Miley in cahoots to bring the trend back from the dead? We’ll have to watch the newsstands closely.