Is Suri Cruising into Fashion Design?


If we’re to believe The Sun’s reporting, Suri Cruise just landed a multi-million dollar deal to design her very own fashion line—at just seven years old. Talk about overachieving.

Before you scoff, take a second to think about this, because the idea might not be as farfetched as it seems. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ only child regularly rocks the Internet thanks to her sartorial choices, especially when it comes to her choice of foot wear: high heels. According to the New York Post, the line is set to be called Suri and will be geared towards young girls. Despite these believable tidbits, there’s the small detail that her mother denied it to Vogue UK, saying rumors were “100 percent false.”

Vogue UK is speculating that the whispers of a fashion line evolved from an idea to introduce a fashion blog that Suri would write. So for now, looks like Mom is the only one with a line, Holmes & Yang.