Is This Marc Jacobs’ Last Time Showing Louis Vuitton?


The will-he-or-won’t-he speculation isn’t showing any signs of slowing down as Marc Jacobs gears up to show his Spring 2014 collection for Louis Vuitton.

But will it be his last?

If we’re to believe Reuters, it could be. His contract ends next month but according to anonymous source, “his contract may not be renewed.” Apparently, Jacobs departure has already been approved internally.

If Jacobs does leave, it would end his 16-year tenure that saw about $9.6 billion a year in profit.

It is interesting to point out that Louis Vuitton brought on Proenza Schouler accessories designer Darren Spaziani to make the handbags “hyper-luxe,” if there could ever be such a thing. Though, as a counterpoint, it’s worth mentioning the French fashion house also brought on Dephine Arnault—and Jacobs' good friend—as deputy brand manager, so maybe he will stay after all?

Obviously, all of this rehashes the discussion of who would replace Jacobs if he left? Is this what Nicolas Ghesquière is cryptically hinting at? Taking the helm of another fashion house? You know, if that lawsuit with former-employer Balenciaga doesn’t prohibit it?

Time will tell. For now, we look forward to Jacobs newest collection with Vuitton, even if it is his last.