Is Victoria Beckham Finally En Vogue?


Earning a Vogue cover is an aspirational moment, heralding your position to the fashion world. Anna Wintour believes in you. There is often speculation about who is fortunate enough to grace the cover of the fashion bible, and most recently that speculation went to Katy Perry. Now we're hearing rumors that former Spice Girl turned fashion designer, Victoria Beckham, may finally land her very first U.S. cover … solo. She first appeared on the cover of Vogue on the January 1998 issue with her group members. The mother of four has been on the cover of British Vogue three times, as well as appearing on both Russian and Indian Vogue. If this Vogue cover is a go, and it sounds like it very well could be, she would discuss leaving LA, her hubby David's big move to Paris and life with a baby girl. An insider told the Daily Mail, “It's a big deal, and she wants it. Anna Wintour enjoys making people work for it.”

The wait would be well worth it because presumably Victoria would wear her own designs, putting her in a very enviable position. So far, the Olsen twins are the only other designers who have been photographed for the cover wearing their own pieces. Talk about two times the power and two times the honor from Wintour.