Isabel Marant for H&M: Wearable Clothes with Attitude


As we strap on our combat boots, chic ones, obvi, in preparation for Tuesday night's VIP Isabel Marant for H&M shopping event, the Swedish retailer just released an exclusive interview with the designer on the eve of her collaboration launch.

“After six months of working hard on this collection, it’s thrilling that the actual clothes are reaching the stores,” the French designer said. “It’s even more exciting that the launch will happen simultaneously worldwide. The collection is made up of wearable clothes with an attitude; I put a lot of effort into it, in the hopes that the clothes are something H&M’s customers will respond to.”

No worries there, Isabel, we’re positive that we will respond well to your collection—and won’t be the only ones.

“There’s been such enthusiasm surrounding the whole project, and the sheer passion for fashion we share with the H&M team is so evident,” said Marant. “It’s been a thrill to get out of my comfort zone and try something new—in this case, producing a compact collection on a large scale for a huge audience and offering this fashion prices. As a designer who likes challenges but who also wants to dress real people living their daily lives, I could not ask for anything better.”

Challenge accepted, we will outfit our lives in your wares. We promise, starting tomorrow.