It’s Official, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna Share a Closet


Miley Cyrus and Rihanna boast quite a lot in common these days. Both ladies have been gaining notoriety for their seemingly indifferent attitudes, edgy on stage performances, “bad girl” antics, and similar style choices. The fiesty entertainers have even established a special gusto, on separate terms, for that booty bopping dance we all know so well–Rihanna most recently making headlines when she twerked to a Drake song on Instagram, and Cyrus when she broke out the move at a Juicy J show.

It's their fashion specifically though that makes us think these two may be morphing as one. Neither entertainer has been one to steer away from head turning ensembles during their careers, especially not recently. The urban influenced looks they've been donning lately are not usually feminine in the traditional sense, but they almost always celebrate the body and the endless possibilities of women's fashion. They are continuously vampy but with a tough edge; reckless but with the sense that they were styled carefully and with a purpose

Just take a look at some of their outfits over the last year and see the similarities for yourself. Belly baring bralets, sports jerseys worn as sexy dresses, oversized jeans slung low, and statement making beanies are only some of the repeated looks the two have matched each other with. Which brings us to the question, who's copying who? In almost all cases it's been RiRi who has rocked the look first- but we aren't calling Cyrus a biter. After all, who wouldn't be influenced and inspired by the envelope pushing style choices of the ultimate envelope pusher in Tinseltown?