It’s Your Turn To Shine: Olympic Athlete Inspires Sparkly Body Art

We knew we’d watch the Olympics to support unbelievable athletes that are representing our country, but we had no idea that they’d ignite some serious style inspiration. From their Ralph Lauren get-ups and crystal-drenched leotards to their sleek hairstyles and creative nail art, these olympians have brought their A-game where both athletics and style are concerned. Specifically, we’re looking to DeeDee Trotter for her awesome “glitter-face” artwork, decked with shimmer and rhinestones. To get a similar look without the risk of smudging, Sumita by Ziba Beauty's self-adhesive temporary body tattoos will put you in the running for chicest body decor, too. While you might try your hand at the body jewel trend by seeing just how creative you can get, we suggest leaving the earning of Olympic metal to the athletes.

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