J.Crew Gives You the MasterPass


The J.Crew catalog has come to life with the retailer’s very first TV commercial! We must say, the commercial makes us nostalgic for the Gap commercials in the late 90s—which isn’t a bad thing. If it isn't broke, don’t fix it, right, J.Crew?

The 30-second-clip features a new partnership with Mastercard that allows customers to shop J.Crew's site easily online with MasterPass… and a president and creative directorJenna Lyons look-alike. The young bespeckled Jenna clone and her family pose for what we assume is their holiday card with a variety of backdrops.

Because MasterCards’s logo appears in the lower third of the screen the entire length of the commercial, we’re thinking this is more about the partnership then the clothes. But either way, we’d watch it over and over.

See it for yourself below: