James Franco, Petra Nemcova, and Stuart Weitzman Team Up for “Walking After Midnight”

American shoe designer Stuart Weitzman merges fashion and film with the debut of his “Walking After Midnight” clip series, directed by James Franco and starring supermodel Petra Nemcova. The beautiful model dons footwear from Weitzman's collection and displays what it means to be the quintessential Stuart Weitzman shoe wearing woman.

While the entire film will be available on October 26th, the first two of the four vignettes have already been released. In episode one, Nemcova struts down a Manhattan sidewalk with such laid back ease, if it wasn't for the dark sky behind her and the flash of city lights, you'd think it was a Sunday summer afternoon. With her head held high and a smirk on her lips, she exerts a quiet confidence that runs as deep as her core and extends to the black and rose cow print booties attached to her feet. These boots lead her to a chic art studio where she stops to pose before the film flashes back to the sidewalk, where Petra has now hurried her easy walk into a jog before fading to credits.

In episode two, we again find our model on the streets on New York City. The filming is done in black and white, fitting as Nemcova exerts the elegance and glamor of a past era. In dark cat sunglasses, a black fur wrap, a wide brimmed hat and sky high stiletto bootie, she strides down the sidewalks of the East Village, ending her night at Peels. Although alone at the bar, independent and at ease, she enjoys being in her own presence, sipping her wine and laughing into the early hours of the morning.