Japonesque Transitions from Tools To Color Cosmetics


Japonesque is pumping up its power at the beauty counter by adding color cosmetics to its repertoire.

Known for tools of the makeup trade, the brand’s newest additions are slated to hit Ulta shelves after four years of development with a whopping 72 beautifiers for the eyes, lips, and face in a rainbow of hues. The makeup is distinctive for hand-dripping various colors into a well that’s been filled with white gel to give each piece a unique pattern. “It moves like oil and water, so you can’t make them behave in a certain way,” Karen McKay, co-owner of Japonesque, told Women’s Wear Daily. “It is just going to do what it is going to do.”

As many other beauty brands are adding multi-tasking to their makeup, Japonesque kept the focus on providing pigment in refined formulas, including the Velvet Touch Foundation’s translucent matte finish and Pro Performance Lip Lacquer’s pop of color and lasting vinyl shine, that will help the new range set apart from its tools. “It goes back to the product and the product has to really speak for itself,” Janet Taake, senior vice president of merchandising at Ulta, explained. “If it isn’t good product, the guest isn’t going to want it. I don’t know that the guest [shopping prestige cosmetics] will necessarily associate the brushes with the brand. They are at two different locations on the floor. This has to stand on its own as a color brand.”

With a great rep for its makeup brushes and tools for the last 25 years, we’re sure the brand will have nothing to worry about when the collection is released.