Jay Z and Beyonce Shoot Em Up in New Trailer… with Baby on Board?


Their explosive short film may be “coming never.” Their first joint tour may have already seen its Parisian finale. Still, there’s plenty more from Jay Z and Beyoncé’s “this is not real life” era.


Music’s most-powerful couple is one week away from their first HBO concert event. In yet another push for the televised spectacular, the pair have extended their Bonnie & Clyde narrative through a series of short films. Nowness debuted part one of the Bang Bang trilogy today, which was compiled from footage shown during the Carters’ On The Run Tour. Shot in just two days using 50-year-old Russian lenses and French new wave techniques, director Dikayl Rimmasch says the visuals capture Jay and Bey’s need to “stay new.”

“In my first conversation on the telephone with Jay Z he explained his concept of On the Run,” Rimmasch told Nowness. “He said: ‘We’re not trying to do this literally, it’s not that we’re Bonnie and Clyde. We’re on the run from everything. On the run from becoming a cliché. On the run from doing the same thing again.’ Everything he mentioned was a level of consciousness he has for staying alive as an entertainer and as a human being.”

Though both have collaborated with the premium cabler in the past—for Bey’s Life Is But A Dream documentary and Jay’s “Picasso Baby” preview—this marks the first time either of their performances will be aired, uncut, and in full, on the network. Before their September 20 bow, Nowness will premiere parts two and three of Bang Bang, blurring the lines between the couple’s criminal alter egos and real selves.

“Beyoncé and Jay Z are two very intelligent, insightful and thoughtful people, in an almost low-key way,” Rimmasch said of the private pair. “Which is how they got to where they are. They are very aware of people’s attitudes and what energy they are bringing. Once you fully realize that, then the pressure comes off and you just have to do what you’re good at.”

Which brings us to something else the Carters are good at: keeping the rumor mill churning. After a summer marked by a family feud and divorce rumors, it looks like Jay, Bey, and Blue Ivy are set to welcome another royal to the clan. Jay reportedly hinted that Beyoncé was “pregnant with another one” by altering lyrics to “Beach is Better” during their September 12 stop in Paris. It just so happens that the City of Light is where the two got engaged, and where baby Blue was conceived. Could magic have struck again?!