Jenna Lyons Proves She’s the Coolest Boss


Now that summer is here, it might be a little tough to stick to your office’s dress code. Unless, of course, you work for Jenna Lyons. Anything goes in her office.

“If your teeth are clean and you have a good handshake and you’re groomed, I don’t care what you wear,” the executive creative director of J.Crew told The Cut. “Go for it. Whatever works for you.”

Not surprising, considering the amount of ankle shown regularly in the company’s lookbooks, Lyons said, “oh, yeah, there are a lot of legs in our office.”

One set in the office belong to Tom Mora, the head of women’s design for J.Crew. “I either crop my pants so you can see part of my ankle, or I roll them,” he said. “Even if you have a big ankle it’s nice, because there’s something really masculine about those big, lumbering legs. I think it works for everybody.”

We’re inclined to agree.