Jennifer Aniston Channels Her Inner Scent Scientist


It’s been almost four years since we saw Jennifer Aniston grace the fragrance counter, but she used the time wisely to come up with a clear vision for the new J by Jennifer Aniston perfume from the start.

“Creating my new fragrance was really interesting. I had a better idea of how the entire creation process works, so I was able to really refine what I wanted my scent to smell like from the start,” Aniston told InStyle. “I felt much more comfortable this time around, and was able to experiment with a lot of different notes to get the perfect scent.” 

Aniston admitted she smelled everything in the perfume labs from florals and fruits to musks and an array of accords, like leather! She tapped into her love of the sea for the new perfume, as her scent survey narrowed the notes down to a clean combination of water lily, magnolia, freesia, jasmine, salty marine accord, sandalwood, and musk. “That salty ocean smell reminds me of a day spent at the beach. It’s really relaxed and refreshing,” she said. 

Who says you can’t take the beach with you?