Jennifer Aniston’s Invested in Giving You Good Hair Days!


Ever since Chris McMillian snippedJennifer Aniston's locks into the now famous “Rachel,” women all over have looked to the star as a hair icon. Recently, she decided to take her role a step forward, becoming the co-owner of Living Proof.

As she continues to fashion her position as a businesswoman with the hair care brand, Aniston is providing both insight and creative ideas to the partnership. “I don't feel like being just the face of a name; I've done that. I like being involved behind the scenes. Going to MIT, seeing all those beakers, seeing all the tests they do, seeing what blob of silicon looks it – I love it. It's more interesting than showing up for a photoshoot.”

For one of her first projects with Living Proof, Aniston worked with McMillan, Kristin Perrotta (executive editor at Allure), and Bobbie Thomas (beauty and style expert) on a web series called The Good Hair Day. Along with advice from McMillan, stories from Aniston, and tidbits from Thomas and Perrotta, real women are sharing their thoughts and feelings regarding hair obsessions, the lengths they'll go to for a good hair day, and lessons to achieve perfect hair. The series is divided into three segments, The Obsessions, which is live below, The Confessions, which will be released on May 13th, and the Lessons, which will be released on May 15th.

But Aniston's not stopping there. When it comes to creation of products, she's already brainstorming possible new additions to the brand. “I have an idea but I can't talk about it. It has to do with freshness.”

While we wait for Aniston's plan to become a reality, she's offering up one very exciting opportunity—the chance to hang out with her and McMillian, as well as score a highly coveted hair cut from the master. To enter, upload your own video detailing your obsessions, confessions, and lessons when it comes to hair on Living Proof. Ten runners up will receive a $100 gift card to Living Proof. Hurry though! The deadline for submissions is May 24 and the contest is open to United States residents only.