Jennifer Aniston’s Tresses Become More ‘Flex’ible


Ah hairspray! It’s an absolute must for stylists from shoots, to the runway, and even the red carpet, but the crunch factor it creates can make it almost unbearable to use throughout the styling process. But Living Proof has found a solution!

Jennifer Aniston’s haircare brand has just released its new Flex Shaping Spray, to help to set, style, and finish wet or dry hair without the drama caused by regular hairspray. Formulated to spray on dry (not sticky), the spray is formulated with Flexible Web Technology to bend not break and pliable holding polymers to get a style to stay in place without flakes.

To demonstrate the new technology, Aniston and her go-to stylist Chris McMillan star in a new clip to show the difference between the spray and its competitors. “All I need is a can of Flex, and I can travel the world,” McMillain said in the clip.

“Thank you, scientists,” Aniston replied. Indeed, Jennifer, thanks!

Want to see for yourself? Check out the video below, and if you’re looking for a giggle, click here.