Jennifer Lopez and Sonia Kashuk Helped Start Oribe’s Line


His products have become backstage staples and red carpet musts, but Oribe’s line didn't get off to a smooth start without help from a few good friends.

In an interview with Into the Gloss, the legendary hairstylist explained how he attempted to start his line in the early ‘90s but found it wasn't the right time. It wasn't until 1999 when he met Jennifer Lopez and helped the star transition into the music industry that the itch for his own line struck again. “She was starting her music career and wanted to define her look. The first thing I ever did with her was style her hair for the cover of her first album [On the 6],” he said. “She wasn't afraid of anything, and we didn't care what was going on in fashion. The scent in all of them was inspired by Jennifer Lopez. She always smelled so spectacular, so we had Givaudan do the fragrance.”

To help get the line off the ground he turned to his other friend and entrepreneur, Sonia Kashuk. “She helped me find funding, and we put together a team,” Oribe said.

His current mission? Reinventing mousse. He noted that early in his career, there was a mousse called Program 2000 that could make hair do anything. “But then big companies watered it down and mousse became this '80s, crunchy, awful thing,” he reminisced. His three mousses create volume, shine, and add softness. “For me, it’s constantly coming up with ways for women to get great texture,” he said. “I always think, ‘Someone is going to touch this woman later.’ The last thing you want is some creepy product in your hair.”