Jennifer Lopez Channels Elizabeth Taylor for W Magazine


The decadent jewels. The ornate gown. The expertly-coiffed curls. Those three magic moments resurrected the iconic Elizabeth Taylor in an unlikely place: The Bronx. For August 2013, W Magazine capitalized on Cleopatra's 50th anniversary and offered an inspired look from Taylor's 1960 film Butterfield 8 with the help of uptown “dream girl” Jennifer Lopez.

Mario Sorrenti lensed Lopez's latest W Magazine cover (she has others from August 2000 and October 2003), where her Fall 2013 Gucci gown, Cartier earrings, and Bulgari bauble were no match for her smoldering L'Oreal glare. That tenacious demeanor is one that can be attributed to a hustler's mentality that fills her agenda with a Kohl's fashion line, a 20th (yes twentieth) fragrance, and a new album led by “Live It Up.”

“I have a lot of stamina,” Lopez shared with writer Lynn Hirschberg on her diverse offerings. “I was built for the long run.” A race that the Sound of Change star doesn't plan on finishing any time soon. “I’ve always had dreams—the dreams have just gotten bigger,” Lopez said. “Benny [Medina] and I will get together and plan what we want to do for the next six months, the next year. He knows I love gypsy life—I love to go… And I’ve always been that way.”

Read Lopez's entire interview here and immortalize the experience with a physical copy of the glossy, on newsstands this week.