Jennifer Lopez is Captain Commando in Kaufmanfranco


Nobody's ever accused Jennifer Lopez of not taking enough fashion risks, and from her get-up at the Las Vegas premiere of her new movie “Parker,” we can see why. The 43-year-old seemed to take the phrase “city of sin” to heart when choosing her outfit for the city's event as her skin tight white Kaufmanfranco Spring 2013 gown not only featured a completely sheer back, but also see through panels running down the sides. It was clear that Miss Lopez had to skip the panties in order to pull off the dress; Scandalous? A bit-but at least there was no Anne Hathaway-esque wardrobe malfunction during the night. While we 're huge fans of white on the red carpet, a popular celebrity color trend at recent events lately, we're not sure about the whole commando situation. Lucky for J.Lo, she can afford to skip the spanx, but as for the rest of us, this may be one of those “leave it to the celeb” dresses.