Jenny Packham Lights Up Real Luxury with Crafty Candles


Jenny Packham wants to light up your home, and it’s not through your wardrobe!

Following int he footsteps of Jason Wuand Mary Katrantzou, the British designer has linked up with luxury beauty brand Neom Organics on a pair of scented candles that tap into Packham’s balance of sweet and sultry. The candles will be available at both eponymous sites starting in September for $137 for a 50-hour burn time and a whopping $505 for 150-hour burn time. “We chose to collaborate with Jenny Packham not just because she designs the most inspiringly beautiful dresses in the world, but because of the way the dresses make you feel,” said Nicola Elliott, co-founder of Neom Organics. “A precious moment of utter luxury, this is the synergy of Jenny Packham and Neom.”

The first candle, called Real Luxury, taps into our inner silver screen femme fatale with seductive notes of lavender, jasmine, and Brazilian rosewood essential oils. The second, Happiness, takes a lighter turn with a vibrant blend of white neroli, mimosa flowers, and lemon essential oils. Even the packaging nails Packham’s preference for the glitzy side of glamour thanks to bold 18-carat gold prints on each. “I’m a huge believer that scent is linked to mood, and I think we all associate certain scents with certain memories,” Packham said. “Each scent befits a mood and a moment. I love both, as I think many women would.”

We can already see our selves spinning through our scent-filled spaces in one of Packham’s pretty dresses!