Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger Offer Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions with Sunglass Hut


Every little girl grows up thinking that her mother is the most beautiful woman in the world–but if you're Georgia May Jaggeror Anna van Ravenstein, the world might agree with you. If you're daughters of supermodels Jerry Hall and Pat Cleveland, respectively, you'd be right. The two ladies posed for the camera as their moms sipped champagne and talked about their hey day. “I'm just here to support my friend,” Cleveland told “You know we've been friends for all this time and I've never met her daughter?”

When Hall's daughter was a little girl, she would sit in her mother's closet and watch her get ready for concerts and galas. Now little Georgia is all grown up and starring with her mother in latest ads for Sunglass Hut with the images unveiled during the Mother's Day tea. The best thing about working together? “We got to spend the whole day together,” said Jagger. “It was really nice since we both travel so much.” Hall added, “I got to hug and kiss her all day long! Plus, we got to see all of the styles sunglasses available–they even let us go home with ones we loved.”

“Anything oversized that shines works for me,” Hall continued, describing her favorite sunglasses. “The more sparkle the better. I really like the new Vogue Eyewear and Tory Burch ones. Georgia likes more of the classic styles but still likes to play with color.” Jagger rattled off her favorites,”Dolce & Gabbana, Ray Ban, Burberry. There are also these new sunglasses that completely fold in half from Persol and Ray Ban. They are great on the go.”

The best advice Hall received from her mom about becoming a mother? “Always be yourself and don't change for anyone,” she said. “Kindness is the best gift.” And what did Jagger learn about being a woman watching her mother? “Always be gracious, poised, and elegant,” she said. “She always made it a priority to spend time with us kids, which kept up grounded.”

On the topic of Mother's Day, the ladies suggest not only sunglasses, but perfume and spa days as go-to gifts–perhaps one of the pairs from the brands they mentioned above?