Jessica Hart’s Dressed and Ready for Her First Baseball Game!


With Spring comes baseball season, and right on cue, Victoria Secret Pink model Jessica Hart was on hand to launch the brand's newest MLB collection with New York Yankees Second Basemen, Robinson Cano in New York on Tuesday. The two posed with fans and picked out the items that they liked in the VS Pink store in Soho. took the opportunity to chat with the birthday girl, who believe it or not has never seen the Yankees in action! “I have yet to go to a baseball game which really kills me,” Hart said. “I'm always planning on doing it but never get there, but after this you can be sure I'll be there, especially now. I've got all my attire.”

Hart played basketball when she was younger, which makes sense. We totally would too if we had her long gams. Working with Victoria's Secret Pink is a natural fit for the former self-professed tomboy. “I'm always in sweats and shirts. Like this kind of thing was high fashion to me,” she says motioning to her top. If only we looked as high fashion as she does in her sweats.

Victoria's Secret Pink's MLB co-branded collection features sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, and hats for all 30 teams and is available now at Victoria's Secret stores and