Jewelry Making at Camp Fenton Fallon

Last Tuesday night we had the chance to experience one of our favorite childhood activities–jewelry making! GlamChic was among a group of style bloggers invited back to camp for the evening as designer Dana Lorenz welcomed us to Camp Fenton Fallon. Onec inside her Freeman Alley boutique we were greeted by long tables stocked overflowing with charms, studs, crystal scraps, leather ribbons, pearls, and hundreds of chains in a variety of colors. Lorenz started us off with a quick tutorial, but once we gripped the pliers and attempted to assemble one of her signature pieces we were at a loss. Glam's own DJ Belle de Jour spun for the crowd as we tinkered with our scraps and tried to mimic the Fenton/Fallon style. With the help of our friends from P.S.-I Made This… and Nitrolicious we were eventually able to connect the jump rings and create our own unique bauble.

Though bug juice was replaced with U'Luvska Vodka martinis and none of our counselors were ever as chic as Lorenz, the experience definitely made us nostalgic for our Camp Monroe days. But we don't remember arts 'n crafts ever being that luxe. If we're lucky, maybe we can go back next summer! ~Nola Weinstein

*Photos by Vinnie Merlot