Jillian Dempsey Turns to Baubles


Jillian Dempsey isn’t content to rest on her laurels as a celebrity makeup artist and Patrick Dempsey’s wife. No, no, Jillian is gearing up to launch an 18-piece collection at Maxfield, with prices ranging from $450 to $7,400, Women’s Wear Dailyis reporting.

This all started when she took up a sculpting class. “I learned how to do lost wax casting, and was looking to make some pieces on a smaller scale,” Jillian told WWD. Which she did, during down time on sets. “I would bring my wax and just start sculpting away when I had time.”

And now Dempsey has a full collection that showcases her love of contrast. “I’m a punk girl at heart but I still want everything to be pretty, so I liked the idea of making these tough-looking pieces in 18-karat rose gold,” she said.

Some of Dempsey’s clients, Milla Jovovich, Emilia Clarke and Kate Mara have already been spotted wearing the pieces. We’ll be sure to check her site, DempseyJewelry, when it launches Wednesday to see what we can add to our jewelry boxes.