Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake- A Pair for the Ages

Who would've thought these two adorable clowns would be one of the funniest pairs in comedy? Ever since the sexy singer/actor Justin Timberlake hosted SNL for the first time in 2003, he and comedian Jimmy Fallon brought the funny. A lot of funny. For those of you who can't recall the hilarity, Timberlake and Fallon were responsible for one of the best recurring sketches in recent years, “The Barry Gibb Talk Show” where Fallon and Timberlake play BeeGees' brothers Barry and Robyn who interview political figures while Barry gets angry about the silliest things.

After that stroke of genius, years of funny partnering has turned into what GQ magazine is now calling the Showmen of the Year. Since Fallon debuted his Late Night show on NBC, Timberlake has been one of his best guests with their great banter and chemistry. We've all known Fallon to be funny from his six memorable seasons on SNL. But Timberlake has really proven himself on his many hosting gigs from SNL, most specifically from his partnership with current cast member Andy Samberg (and Samberg's gang The Lonely Island). But Fallon and Timberlake reign supreme together this year and we have to agree that this gut-busting coupling is pretty much perfect.

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