Jimmy Fallon Gets Ready for ‘Tonight’ with Vanity Fair


If Vanity Fair's February issue is any indicator, Jimmy Fallon has arrived.

Flanked by Alessandra Ambrosio and Doutzen Kroes, Fallon stars on the magazine's upcoming cover, heralded as The Tonight Show’s saving grace. Though he follows in the footsteps of notable alum—Johnny Carson, Jay LenoConan O'Brien—his forecasted ability to bring the show “back to its gritty, witty, New York City roots” makes his late-night succession one for the ages. Still, its Vanity Fair's endorsement of the move that leaves his mouth agape.

“I WOULD’NT (sic) even dream to be mentioned in it let alone the cover,” Fallon graciously noted on Instagram, citing the “classy, cool, and untouchable” stars of covers past. He later added, “To meet David Kamp and know he's writing about me is weird. To have ANNIE LEIBOVITZ take a picture of you is a story alone,” before commending Ambrosio and Kroes for their trooper mentality.

As for his debut as The Tonight Show's new emcee, things are looking good. His return to Saturday Night Live with musical performer Justin Timberlake set a DVR record, while ratings for NBC's Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon special pulled in 5.7 million viewers. While we wait until February 17th for “a new era” to begin, these bytes from his Vanity Fair exclusive should tide us over.

On watching—and studying—Saturday Night Live as a kid:
“As long as I wasn’t doing anything at night, I’d just sit by myself, and I would have a six-pack of Pabst. I don’t know if I made it all the way through the six, but I’d just sit there and watch the show. And tape it.”

On dating advice from Lorne Michaels:
“Lorne helped me with everything—with relationships, with me getting famous. I was going through certain steps, and there were certain things I couldn’t talk to my dad about, because he wouldn’t know. Like ‘I have money now. Do I still rent? Do I buy an apartment?’ Or ‘I’m in L.A., and I have to rent a car.’ [“Lorne” voice] ‘You should get a Lexus, because you want to be quiet.’ Or ‘Should I date this actress?’ [“Lorne” voice] ‘You can date her, but you probably shouldn’t marry her.’ And he’d be totally right.”

On maintaining The Tonight Show tradition:
“It’s still going to be the same show. What I can tell you is it will be the best of what we do.”