Jodie Foster Talks About Mel Gibson

Director and actor Jodie Foster is featured in the May/June issue of AARP The Magazine and discusses her hopes for her latest film, The Beaver, and working with Mel Gibson.

On working on The Beaver
“The film struck a personal chord for me. It delves into the loneliness we all feel, faced with life’s burdens. The only way to even try to cope is to connect.

On casting Mel Gibson
“I knew he could relate so much to Walter’s struggles that there was no way he would it as a comedy. That Mel’s character be dramatically consumed in this internal struggle was very important to me.”

On her friendship with Gibson
“From the moment I met him, there was such a connection that I knew we would be friends for the rest of my life. We work exactly in the same way: No bull—-. We’ve had so many conversations about the topics the film explores. He is a brilliant man, a beautiful talent, and a loyal, loyal friend. That’s the man I know.”

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