Jonathan Adler Adds Pretty Vanity Staples with Pond’s


Jonathan Adler’s cheeky and chic aesthetic has touched everything from furniture, fashionable accessories, and more. But the décor designer is adding his signature to Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes with a chic vanity case to allow you to show them off instead of stashing them away. Glam got to have a quick chat with the interiors expert to find out his skincare secrets and what shades we can expect to see in our spaces this spring.

What sparked the idea of the vanity case for Pond's Cleansing Towelettes?

They gave me a jingle, and I thought, “Wow! What a fun opportunity to partner with an iconic American brand, a brand that my mom always used back in the day, and all of the chicks in my office still use to this day.” Pond’s is one of those brands that is du jour forever and always – past, future – and it was great to put my stamp on it.

You’ve worked with other beauty brands in the past, have you thought of creating a beauty accessories line yourself?

Right now, I’m just focusing on my own personal beauty, as you can see [laughs]. It was just a fun thing for me to do. As a potter and designer, to work with Pond’s was just a treat.

Speaking of beauty routines, we’d love to know your skincare secrets!

[Laughs] None. I feel very, very bad for girls and jealous at the same time. I feel bad because it takes up a lot of time, thought, and energy, but I’m envious because you can also look fantastic. But as a dude, I’m lucky to do literally nothing. I don’t even moisturize for the most part.

What are the color trends you’ve seen popping up for spring?

Lots of purple in all of its varied hues. Emerald is still something I’m totally rocking; and all gold all of the time. Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold – it’s almost like [how] your outfit needs a little jewelry, and every surface of your home needs a little bit of gold as well.

What are the top three items you never leave home without?

I have a bag of wipes, I have sunglasses. I’m not going to say the iPhone because it’s beyond obvious, but I always like to keep a copy of my husband’s latest book, The Asylum because it’s always fun to dip into and reread.

Images courtesy of Pond's and Jonathan Adler's Instagram.