Jonathan Adler’s Decorating Secret: Rugs Anchor the Room!


“Rugs are everything, they’re the anchor,”Jonathan Adlersaid and not just because of the collection he just designed for The Rug Company. “I’m a serial redecorator. My living room is all covered in sea grass, I mostly use my own patterns. There was something about this room that was just not right, and I got a white goat hair rug, it just changed everything and made me feel like Angie Dickinson—you’re all too young to know who that is,” Adler told the crowd of editors and interior decorators in The Rug Company’s show room.

Considering Adler is a man rarely without his white pants, we aren’t surprised that his fashion sense is easily translated into interior design. “A white foundation enables you to use color in way that pops,” he told us before sitting down to speak with The Rug Company co-founder Christopher Sharp.

The potter is all about popping bits of chic into your everyday life, evident with his latest book’s title 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life. How does he personally chic his own life? Throwing on a tie always makes him feel “flossy, flossy,” a puppy cut hair, “for myself, not my puppy,” he assured us. “Brass makes me feel opulent, paddle boarding is my favorite thing to do on earth (he considers his paddle board the one luxury item he can’t live without) and the number one way to happy chic my life is to beat my husband in pingpong!”

Adler and his husband Simon Doonan were married in 2008 and most recently renovated a home in Shelter Island, New York where we're sure there a lots of white rugs and ping pong games.