Josie Natori Celebrates Her Anniversary with A Fashionable Fairytale

JOSIE NATORI is celebrating her 35th anniversary and the Year of the Dragon by releasing a fashion folklore fairytale. Written by Jeffrey Podolsky, Josie and the Dragon chronicles Natori’s journey from a pint-sized piano prodigy, to her short stint in finance, and searching for her sartorial structure. Paired with beautifully textured illustrations by Andrea Byrne, we get to know the dragon that only she can see, who serves as her companion as advisor, as builds her brand starting with a single sensual nightgown. The designer will toast to her anniversary and the launch of the tome with a party at Openhouse Mulberry where she will exhibit of the book’s original paintings. Fashionistas and art fans are sure to adore the tale of the girl and her dragon!