Jumping on the Broom Is Now on DVD and Blu-Ray

Did you see Jumping the Broom?… It was really funny, heartwarming, and definitely worth watching.

Available on DVD and Blu-Ray today, Jumping the Broom is a story of love, marriage, and family. It's about clashing with in-laws, and making it work. And who can't relate to that? Set in picturesque Martha's Vineyard the fun flick is also full of eye candy (the beautiful location!, the gorgeous guys! and lovely ladies!). And if that's not motivation enough, check out a quick synopsis below… Enjoy!

Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton, Precious) and Jason Taylor (Laz Alonso, Fast & Furious), just might be the perfect couple. Unfortunately, their families are a perfect recipe for disaster. Mrs. Watson (Angela Bassett) has an upper-crust sensibility that matches her family's Martha's Vineyard estate, where Jason's straight-out-of-Brooklyn mom (Loretta Devine) seems utterly out of place. When the families gather for Jason and Sabrina's wedding, it becomes clear that each side has its traditions…and its secrets. When uptown meets downtown, the truth comes out – and only one question remains. Will this couple endure the hysterical and harrowing trials of love and finally jump the broom?