June Ambrose Is Not a Stage Mom, and Daughter Summer is the Main Attraction


It wasn’t the slinky sheaths or onna-bugeisha vibes that won us over during Hervé Léger’s Spring 2015 show. It was mother-daughther duo June and Summer Ambrose, particularly the latter. At just 10 years old, her VIP and front-row appearances could be enviable, and, some may even question her bold-faced name status amongst fashion’s biggest influencers. After a charming introduction, we don’t.

“I’m not a stage mom,” mother Ambrose beamed from the front row as paparazzi swarmed and reporters competed for a chance to chat. “[But] Summer does fashion week.”

She gave off a charismatic, enveloping air that, when she spoke, made you feel like old friends. Old, real friends—not in an air-kiss kind of way. Her daughter, Summer, obviously follows suit. She sat by, seemingly unimpressed with the flashing lights, and instead, turned around to greet Glam editors with a handshake—a firm one.

“Hi, I’m Summer,” the fifth-grader quipped. “I started school Thursday, so this is my first show this week.” With a mini Moschino wrapped around her black, white, and leopard-print ensemble, she was primed for street style stardom. And, it was refreshing to know that she favored fashion unlike that of Hervé’s sexy offerings.

“My favorite fashion show was Lacoste,“ she said, making sure to specify that it was “not this morning, a while ago.”

As for mother Ambrose, it was important that any photos snapped included her daughter’s new designer bag.

“[This] is my new Armani bag,” she told photographers. “Get Summer’s Moschino.”