Justin Bieber’s New Fragrance Is All for the Fans


Tweens: If you haven't checked your Facebook newsfeed, rejoice! Justin Bieber is bringing his fans closer with his latest scent.

The scent, named Collector’s Edition, invites Beliebers and fragrance fanatics to unlock their personal connection to the singer. The bottle shares a similar motif to The Key, featuring the keepsake attached to a frosted white bottle with liquid gold accents. The newest addition to Bieber’s beauty empire will be available soon, so let the countdown begin.

Though we don't have any specific details on the notes, we “belieb” there will be bright opening, a blooming heart, and a warm dry down that's become synonymous with the pop star.

Make room on your vanities, Beliebers, this is going to be one smell you won't get enough of!