Kanye West Isn’t Allowed to Design Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Dress


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’sVogue cover story penned by Hamish Bowles hit the world wide web. Listen kids, you’re in for a doozy.

“That’s the future, this melting pot, crashing sensibilities together,” West said of his relationship with his daughter’s, North, mother. “She created something really powerful that the universe connected with, and I created something that people connected with, and then when we combine our information… We can help communicate and educate and just bring more dopeness in general. It’s really just about dopeness at the end of the day.”

Ah, yes. Kanye’s kingdom of dopeness in the sky he’s constantly referring to. As for more pressing matters of dopeness—Kim’s wedding dress for their impeding nuptials—Ye has strict instructions to butt out.

“Let her live; it’s her dress,” West’s BFF and Nike collaborator, Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci told him. “It’s got to be her dream, not your dream—a surprise when she walks up the aisle.”

Indeed, Kanye! Riccardo’s right. We, er, you, want to be surprised.