Kanye West x APC’s Sold-Out Collection is the Key to the ‘Kingdomn of Dopeness’


While Kanye West referred to himself as ‘Kenny’ when he first met APC’s Jean Touitou, their friendship and mentorship grew over two years to create the just-released, and already sold out, capsule collection. The collection consists of just 3 shirts, 3 hoodies, and 2 pairs of jeans and with good reason!

Touitou revealed that the pair struggled not with the details, but just finding a focus for West’s creative energy in an interview with Style. Once the direction was figured out, it was easier to edit fabric finishes and color changes. “The devil was in theoretical discussion, not in details,” he explained. “When you deal with a guy who wants to redesign just about anything so it could fit [into the] kingdom of dopeness, it takes some time to just sit and say, 'Okay, agreed, but let’s get start on something limited, and we’ll see.'”

Don’t expect any VIP handouts or holds on the limited release, which will sell out quickly, as the small company is not “into the celebrity thing.” It might be the best thing for West as he slowly but surely makes his way from simply dropping brand names into his lyrics back into the fashion game after previous joint efforts with Louis Vuitton and Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisciand his two season strong womenswear line.

Touitou added a word of caution to West and his fellow name dropping fashionistos in hip hop by concluding with: “Fashion killed rock and roll. Fashion killed contemporary art, and turned it vulgar. And if hip-hop artists are not careful it will also kill hip hop.”