Kanye West’s Creative Director to Launch his Second Line


So, this is awkward.

Kanye West’s creative director Virgil Abloh, has a new clothing line called Off-White, which already received orders from Colette in Paris and The Webster in Miami—sight unseen, Fashionista is reporting.

And get this, the line, slated for a 2014 launch, has a very interesting point of inspiration. “I have this deep infatuation with Montauk and Martha Stewart and Nantucket,” he told Style.com.

Now before you write this line off, you should know that Abloh has a few successful collaborations under his belt, including one with Hood by Air. He even tried his hand at design before with a line sold in VFiles called Pyrex Vision. 'Ye has been spotted in it and Kim Kardashian, too, no doubt, which is surely Mr. West’s doing.

This line though will give the man who works on the rapper’s merchandise and stage shows, a chance to “give [his] point of view and merge sensibilities in a proper fashion context.”

Um, who will be the one to tell little Nori’s dad that he may just have to ease up a bit with spouting the classism in fashion arguments every chance he gets, and just put a line out already like Abloh here?