Kanye West’s Voice Goes Kardashian


Something’s up.

Kanye Westappeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night, speaking quite differently than I remember. I understand that Ye, after his almost-fatal car accident in 2002, learned to speak with his mouth wired shut—evident on the song inspired by the crash, “Through the Wire.” And that he has a grill on his bottom teeth, also affecting his speech. Count the rapper’s lisp, and you can see how it’s very easy to recognize the Chicago rapper’s very distinct voice.

Except, I didn’t. Don’t say it was because he was speaking calmly. I am a fan. I know what he sounds like calm and angry, so you can’t tell me nothing. This Kanye sounds, almost, as if he was speaking with a Valley Girl accent. The way a particular Calabasas, California reality star may speak. Kanye Omar West, from the south side of Chicago has gone Kardashian. Kim is officially apart of his clique, it seems (so appalled).

Where are you, Yeezy?