Karl Lagerfeld Goes Greek for the Métropole’s New Pool and Lounge


The Kaiser has added a mythological touch to the new pool and lounge at Hotel Métropole Monte-Carlo.

Karl Lagerfeld took a literary turn when it came to the inspiration of the new pool’s 20-meter-long series of glass panels. According to Fashionista, he pulled a quote from the Iphine in Tauris’ by Goethe that said, “And days together stand I on the shore, seeking, in my soul, the land of Greece,” which led him to use Ulysses adventures in The Odyssey. The result was a large-scale black and white image of toga-clad models, including his muse Baptiste Giabiconi, cavorting along the Greek coastline called “Ulysse’s Journey Around the Mediterranean Sea.”

“I chose the theme of Greek mythology for Hotel Métropole Monte-Carlo as everything happens in the Mediterranean,” he explained.

The panels of glass are lit with a combine of natural light and LEDs to create different atmospheres throughout the day. The lounge retains a neutral look leading up to the space’s huge glass bar. It’s become a hot spot for the young jetsetters to mix, mingle, and swim in Monaco. But we bet having Lagerfeld contribute the hotel’s design is sure to be a big draw for glamorous globetrotters!