Karl Lagerfeld, the Fashion Pope?


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We've often joked that fashion can be viewed as a religion but looks like TV journalist Martina Neun is seriously exploring that notion in her documentary, Mode Als Religion (Fashion as a Religion).

In her mind, it would be a religion where Karl Lagerfeld reigns as Pope. Magazines would be the bible, models the angels, and consumers the believers.


While we completely understand Neuen's point, this sounds like some of the ridiculousness that Lagerfeld is known for spewing. Though, she did tell Women's Wear Daily, “It's a bit tongue-in-cheek. It cannot offer you redemption or anything eternal.”

Interesting… in the very least. The documentary should provide an behind the scenes look at Lagerfeld's latest projects: shooting Fendi's fall campaign, his home scents, redesigning the dirndl, and his new eyeglasses line.