Karolina Kurkova Thinks ‘The Face’ Winner Devyn is the Perfect Package


When Devyn Abdullah won The Face, a modeling competition starring Naomi Campbell (slash producer), Coco Rocha, Karolina Kurkova with host Nigel Barker, it was nearly impossible for the New Yorker to keep it a secret. “I was on the train and there was this lady. She was peeping me and I was like, I know she's going to say something,” the new face of Ulta Beauty told Glam.com at Pennisula Hotel in NYC during her celebratory lunch. “You're the girl from The Face! Did you win?” the lady on the train asked.

She's now more than the face, she is the face of ULTA Beauty, and if Karolina's feelings about her mentee are any indication, she may be the next big supermodel, too! “I think she has the package, I think she has a good head on her shoulders, which in this industry is very important. I think she is realistic; she knows if she wants to be successful it won't be perfect,” her coach, Kurkova said. “Plus she has the height! She has a great face that can be commercial, beautiful, accessible, but then she can also be strong, interesting, edgy—which is extremely important when you want to be a successful model. You have to be versatile.”

“It's also up to her [regarding] what she really wants to do next and how hard she's really going to work for it. It isn't like this is it, but she's in a great spot,” Kurkova said standing pretty tall herself in an amazing pair of Monika Chiang “Dominas” sandals. We're inclined to agree, considering that her contract with ULTA. What can't the beauty live without from ULTA? “Mascara, it's always good to focus on the eyes, it's one thing that draws people in,” Abdullah said. “And maybe Chapstick.” Though, we don't think she needs help drawing people in. She was able to win over the judges, after all.

Coincidently, Kurkova's advice to her—to have fun with it—might have helped seal the deal. “We were still deciding during the runway show and Devyn was the only model on the runway that looked over and gave us a big smile,” said Carrie Lannon, ULTA Beauty's Director of Public Relations who served as one of the judges on the final episode. “And I thought, oh, boy, that's pretty hard to beat!”