Kat Odell’s New Year’s Eve Entertaining Tips


When it comes to party hosting, there are a few things Kat Odell never overlooks. The star of Bravo TV’s Eat Drink Love and editor-in-chief of Eater Los Angeles knows to provide guests with crowd favorite Moët & Chandon Impérial for a bubbly treat, an atmosphere that is both unique and inviting, and one-of-a-kind details that will make their experience at her soiree stand out. With New Year's Eve right around the corner, Odell shares her expert entertaining tips for the ultimate extravaganza to ring in 2014 with.

The Drinks:
“Keep glassware simple. Champagne tastes best when served in a white wine glass, so don’t hassle with buying extra glasses or trotting out your flutes. Work with what you’ve got and the bubbly will taste better.”

“Have you ever gone to a dinner party, been presented with a glass of wine or champagne, and after placing your wine glass on a nearby table, you look down to realize that there are three other glasses on the table and you have no idea which is yours? And then there's that game of 'That must be yours– you have red lipstick on…' There's a super easy way to avoid this dinner party dilemma. Make your own champagne glass tags….Use anything from cute paper cutouts to jewelry tied to strings looped around glasses.”

The Ambiance:
“If it’s a dinner party, dim the lights – it makes it warm and cozy.”

“Candles are festive, but avoid scented ones – you want to smell and taste your food and wine, not potpourri!”

“For parties at home, buffets are totally the way to go, both to make it less stressful on the host and easy for guests. It also lets you pack more people in if you’re tight on space.”

“Turn on Spotify or Pandora and put on a playlist of laid-back but upbeat music. You want to keep people relaxed, but not falling asleep.”

Make it Memorable:
“Without breaking the bank, I love to send guests home with a little take-away snack (like they do at Bouley and Per Se). Make something simple or put together little jars of cookies. They’ll enjoy them when celebrating 2014 at home the next day!”

Photo by Elizabeth Daniels