Kate Hudson Gets Shady with Chrome Hearts


BFFs Kate Hudson and Laurie Stark of Chrome Hearts are back at it with another collaboration under their belt. The gal pals have created a sunglass range that pays homage to their strong female role models like Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, and Goldie Hawn.

“I wanted it to be classic and have an element of glamour,” Hudson told Style.com of the collection featuring sunnies like retro-inspired cat-eye and oval frames Eye So Shady and Eye So Sassy, respectively.

The project was very much a collaborative effort between the two friends. “We have very different aesthetics,” Hudson said. “At the same time, our interests lay in similar places. When we go into a store, we’re attracted to the same vibe but we’ll pick out completely different things. One of the reasons we like collaborating is because we get to bring two different points of view to the project. I really enjoy that process.”

Another process that the face of Ann Taylor likes is seeing her the characters she plays on-screen’s style come to life. “When you’re creating a character’s world, you’re creating who she is, what she wears, what she likes, and it’s always different. I’ve had experiences with some brilliant costume designers, and their ability to create these characters’ world through wardrobe is really inspiring. I have influence over the process, but I’ve been lucky to work with incredible costume designers who don’t really need much help.”

We don’t think you’ll need much help pairing KH +CH sunnies with anything and everything in your closet come summer.