Kate Moss Will Pose for Playboy!


We assumed this Kate Moss for Playboy rumor was pretty much confirmed at this point. Details were leaking left and right, and nudity doesn’t seem to be much of an issue for the supermodel. But we still didn’t have official word from Playboy.

Well, now we do! The shoot did go down like we read it did and the magazine’s editorial director, Jimmy Jellinek, confirmed the spread in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

“This is a massive global brand,” he told the LA Times. “You need a global icon in order to celebrate that—that was the impetus. “You’re talking about the face of Burberry, the biggest supermodel in the world on the cover of Playboy. She’s the perfect partner for us to help launch the next 60 years.”

We can expect to see the long awaited and much debated special 60th anniversary double January/February issue on newsstands this December. What a way to welcome in 40, Kate!

Who’s excited?!