Kate Spade Fall 2015


Designer: Deborah Llyod

Inspiration: Per the presentation notes, typed on Kate Spade’s signature black-and-white striped stationery, “As the temperatures drop, our craving for indulgence rises.” The collection personifies the modern heroine who seeks refuge in cozy city haunts during winter weather, sparks delightful conversations to warm up the atmosphere, and couples “audacious femininity” with a love of adventure.

Trends: Woolen plaids, flannel, fur trim, cocktail attire, oversized neck bows, and leather.

Palette: Ivory, black, red, camel, and pink.

Who should wear it: Layer-obsessed fashion bloggers (like Channing in the City), Upper East Side socialites, girls looking to get red-carpet ready.

The playlist: Cocktail piano played by a live, in-the-flesh pianist… but of course!