Kate Upton Is the New Face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics


It’s a changing of the Kate’s in Bobbi Brown’s castle.

On Friday morning, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics announced that Kate Upton would replace Katie Holmes as the face of the brand. According to Fashionista.com, the first campaign images will appear on Bobbi Brown makeup counters in July with ads debuting in the September issues of print magazines (sneak peak shown right).

But to tide us over until then, Bobbi and Kate released an adorable little video in celebration of the announcement. “I believe that confidence and being comfortable is the secret to beauty,” Brown says in the video. Well, she certainly found those qualities in Upton, who launched to supermodel status over the past few years. For Upton, beauty is “about you being the best you can be,” and if that involves a little bit of help from Brown, we’re on board. She gushes about using Bobbie Brown products growing up, and the two identify one another as each other’s role models. In celebration of Upton’s poise, beauty, strength and eloquence Brown admits, “I want to be Kate Upton for a day!” Us too, Bobbi, us too.

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