Katie Holmes: From Celebrity Face to Cosmetic Curator



After a serving as the first face of Bobbi Brown, Katie Holmes is partnering up with her beauty bestie on their own cosmetics line.

The Bobbi & Katie Collection was a product of their close friendship and Holmes' well trained aesthetic, as Brown noted the Mania Days star “has a great eye for color and design.” The pair let their creativity fly free to create a brush set, eight-shadow palette inspired by one of Holmes’ old journals, two pot rouges, and a mini eye pencil for the debut collection, which hits shelves in September, that is perfect for the glam girl on the go. “We chose Pot Rouge because it’s a two-in-one product for cheeks and lips that’s easy to apply,” Brown revealed to Women’s Wear Daily. “Katie had the idea to include a mini eye pencil, which I think is genius.”

Holmes aimed to streamline the primping process due to her busy lifestyle as a working mom in the Big Apple. “Our objective was to do something that is very helpful to all women,” she explained. “You can put it on in the back of a cab, you can put it on in your bathroom at home, you can put it on in the parking lot at your child’s soccer game. It’s simple, but we like to have special things that make us feel good, and I think that’s what this palette achieves. It feels like it’s a little secret and it has all of your tricks inside. You can quickly get yourself looking the best you could look and then put it back into your bag. It makes you feel good, and we all want to feel good.”

While the team is set to start work on skincare in September, Holmes is already looking ahead to entering other beauty categories aside from hair care. (She already has that wrapped up as part owner and face of Alterna). “I’m interested [in doing a fragrance href=”https://blogs.glam.com/glamblush/2013/08/01/get-a-sniff-of-the-smurfs/”],”Holmes said. “We all need a little help in smelling good, especially in the summer in New York City!” Very true, Katie, very true!