Katy and RiRi Together At Last–Get Their “RIHunited” Looks


Rihanna took to her Instagram the evening of August 12th to document her NYC night out with long lost pal Katy Perry, captioning the glam shot she snapped, “She. X She. #KatyAnna #RIHunited.” The two fierce singers haven't been properly photographed together since the 2012 MTV Music Awards, though Perry hung out with her lady friend on the DL at RiRi's Brooklyn show in May earlier this year. With shout-outs to one another on their social media accounts, and Perry recently telling Elle U.K., “I love her [Rihanna]and every time I see her, I'm reminded of the light that she has,” it's sad to imagine that rumored friendship tribulation over Chris Brown has been the issue of their extended separation. Blame busy schedules, perhaps.

For their reunion, Rihanna met up with Perry, her beau John Mayer, and a group of friends at the West Village restaurant, The Lion. Perry was there taking a night off from promoting her new album Prism, which contains then newly linked single “Roar.” Both songstresses looked urban chic in their getups, Ri showing off her newly chopped coif in a Fame Leaders tee with bold gold accessories, and Perry in ankle moto boots, a leather skirt, and animal print sweater. You think the besties planned the black and white palette in advance?

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