Katy Perry Gets #InstaGlam with CoverGirl


In the age of the selfie, we’ve found new reasons to get glam and perfect our poses. Katy Perry is out to ensure you look your best, regardless of what filter you use with CoverGirl’s #InstaGlam collection (out July!).

The pop star is serving up flawless skin worthy of the trending #nomakeup hashtag thanks to her go to makeup maestro Jake Bailey and the new Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation, Powder, and Concealer. The collection also includes the fresh Colorlicious Lip Gloss in a slew of juicy shades. Following the vibrant color scheme set for summer, the brand is also unleashing a brand new batch of nail colors for its XL Nail Gels for a long lasting finish. Even the Bombshell Mascara has received a curvy makeover!

To coincide with the social media makeup mashup, the brand debuted the commercial for the collection on Instagram on Thursday before the ad hits our TV screens in May. You can also join in on the fun when the products hit selves this summer by snapping a shot and sharing with the hashtag. Are you ready for your closeup?